Work with Evernote from command line

Are you a geek? Do you like Evernote? Geeknote - is for you!
Geeknote is an opensource Evernote console client for Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. Use it for system administration needs, creating notes, notebooks, sync your local directories with Evernote notebooks.

Use the power of command line!

 What can you do with Geeknote

 Sync directories with Evernote

Syncronize local directories and files with Evernote. Geeknote will read and upload as a notes all text files in your local directory to Evernote.

 Read notes from console

Geeknote allows you to search your Evernote notes, and output them to console in textplain mode.

 Edit with nano, vi, vim

Edit your Evernote notes with any console editor you like - nano, vi, vim, mcedit, etc ...
Save changes and Geeknote will automatically upload them to Evernote.

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