You can install Geeknote as a deb package or as a python script.

Downloading and installing from source

# Download the repository.
$ git clone git://

$ cd geeknote

# Installation
$ [sudo] python install

# Launch Geeknote and go through login procedure.
$ geeknote login


Run tests

$ python test

# or for to run tests with `tox`
$ tox

Geeknote doesn't work with Ubuntu 12.04. Unfortunately this is the problem of Evernote SDK for Python. We wrote to authors of Evernote SDK, they know about it too and promise to solve the problem in a couple of months. This is the registered issue. We release an updated version of Geeknote as soon as Evernote SDK for Python will get update.

This issue is suitable only for Ubuntu 12.04.