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Find note

$ geeknote find --search|-s <text to find>
               [--tags|-tg <list of tags that notes should have>]
               [--notebooks|-nb <list on notebooks where to make search >]
               [--date|-d <data ro data range>]
               [--count|-cn <how many results to show>]
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Show note

$ geeknote show <text to search and show>
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Create note

$ geeknote create --title|-t <title>
                  --content_c <content>
                 [--tags|-tg <list of tags>]
                 [--notebook|-nb <notebook where to save>]
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Edit note

$ geeknote edit --note|-n <title of note which to edit>
               [--content|-c <a new content or "WRITE">]
               [--title|-t <the new title>]
               [--tags|-tg <new list of data>]
               [--notebook|-nb <new notebook>]
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Remove note

$ geeknote remove --notebook <note name>
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List of notebooks

$ geeknote notebook-list
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Create notebook

$ geeknote notebook-create --title <notebook title>
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Edit notebook

$ geeknote notebook-edit --notebook|-nb <old name>
                         --title|-t <new name>
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List of tags

$ geeknote tag-list
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$ geeknote tag-create --title|-t <tag name to create>
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Edit tags

$ geeknote tag-edit --tagname|-tgn <old name>
                    --title|-t <new name>

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